About Gujarati Food

Indian food has been perceived to be difficult to make and my purpose in writing this website is to help millions of people change this mindset. If made properly, it can be easy, more delicious and nutritious than ever imagined, thereby forever eliminating the myth that Indian food is too greasy, spicy and the biggest myth of all, made primarily with curry powder! Urgh! Being originally from Gujarat, I will be mainly focusing on Gujarati recipes handed down from older generations with a step-by-step guide to help remove the fear associated with Indian cooking.

At home, even though we eat Gujarati food, I ensure that it is cooked in as minimal oil as possible, I don't add sugar to savoury recipes at all unless absolutely necessary (sometimes, the sugar brings out the flavour in savoury snacks) and I also make sure that it's not so spicy that the main ingredients are overpowered and the taste drowned out by chillies. The whole idea of eating food is to be able to taste the natural ingredients and these recipes endeavour to do just that.

I hope that these recipes will cater to all tastes especially, inspiring vegetarians and vegans to give them a go as Gujarati food tends to be cooked with them in mind. :)

If you have any questions, please get in touch and please share this website with your family and friends. Happy cooking and eating of course! :) Everyone is very welcome to read and try to make some or all of these recipes. Please leave your comments as to how they turn out! Waiting to hear from you!

Many thanks, love and namaste! xx

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