Kapooriya / Kapuriya / Gora (Steamed Balls of Rice and Dahl/Dal)

This week's recipe is for Kapooriya/Kapuriya/Gora.

(Makes 8 - one person can eat between 1 and 2 - depending how hungry you are!)

This recipe isa perfect winter warmer and a balanced meal in itself; proteins from the lentils, carbohydrates from the rice and vitamins from the peas/petits pois. :)

I am now going to share with you, the recipe for something that is known in Gujarat as Kapuriya, Kapooriya or Gora by Gujaratis. Gora means balls.


2 mugs of rice (unwashed and so, dry)
0.5 mug of split pigeon peas / tuvar dahl (unwashed and so, dry)
2 ladles sunflower oil
1 tbsp salt
0.5 tsp turmeric powder
1 pinch asafoetida
1 tbsp fresh, ground, green chillies
1 heaped tbsp fresh, ground ginger
2.5 mugs boiling water
0.5 mug frozen petit pois (washed) OR frozen, green, pigeon peas (washed)
(NB you can use fresh petit pois and fresh, green pigeon peas but make sure they are cooked 1st)


1. Grind the rice and split pigeon peas together in a sturdy grinder until the rice and split pigeon peas to become a coarse powder, like the consistency of granulated sugar.

2. Sieve the 'powder' formed from step 1. into a big dish, discarding any unknown substances that are left in the sieve.

3. In the dish, make a hole in the middle of the powder.

4. Add in the oil, salt, turmeric, green chillies, asafoetida and ginger.

5. Mix well.

6. In a large, non-stick saucepan, boil the 2.5 mugs water.

7. Add in the washed petit pois after the water is boiling. Turn the heat down to low. Then, immediately add in the powder from step 5.

8. Mix well and cook for 3 minutes on a low heat. You will see the mixture release some steam.

9. After cooking it for 3 minutes, transfer the mixture into a dish.

10. Leave the mixture to cool in the dish for a few minutes but not for too long.
11. Sprinkle a handful of cold water onto the mixture and wet your hands with cold water.

12. Take some of the mixture and form into a slightly flattened ball and make a hole through the middle of the ball. Continue to do this until you have made all the cooked mixture into flattened balls with a hole in the middle.

13. Place all the balls into a steamer ensuring that there is enough boiled water in the steamer to enable the balls to steam for 45 minutes without having to refill the water during the cooking process.
14. Cook the balls of rice/dahl mixture in a steamer for 10 minutes on high heat followed by half an hour on medium heat; so, 40 minutes in total.

15. Switch off the heat and wait for the pressure to be released. Open the steamer and serve up the 'gora'/'kapuriya'/'kapooriya' in a plate/bowl and drizzle lightly with oil.

(NB You can either drizzle with sunflower oil or olive oil but with sunflower oil is the more traditional way to eat it.)

This can be eaten on its' own or with lime pickle or coriander chutney. Click here for how to make coriander chutney.

So there you have it, enjoy the gora/kapuriya/kapooriya :) and let me know how they turned out!

'Til next time ... enjoy! 
Bon app├ętit! xx


  1. I like this kopooriya very much

  2. Thank you very much Hema :) did you try the recipe? xx


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