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Greetings readers and Namaste!

Welcome to Gujarati Food Made Easy! I'm Meetali, founder and creator of this site.

As a little girl, living with my grandma in Zambia in the 1980s, I had it drilled it into me that I would be a nobody when I grew up if I didn't know how to cook Indian (especially Gujarati) food and feed my future husband.

Over 25 years later and still no husband ;), I decided to share my recipes to help alleviate these types of pressures put upon young, modern, Indian women to be all things to all people.

It is thought that an Indian girl who doesn't know how to cook traditional dishes from her region of origin would be an embarrassment to her family... Although this is completely untrue in today's modern, forward-thinking world (thank goodness!), it's still great to know how to cook these dishes (for both women and men) so that they can be passed onto future generations to carry on the cultural heritage!

Throughout my childhood and my adolescent years, I just wanted to be different and as a form of rebellion, deliberately refrained from learning how to cook Gujarati food. As I hit my mid 20s, my interest in and love for food as a whole, grew. I quickly realised restaurants that I visited were great but still not as fabulous as my mother's and grandma's cooking and so I decided to claim my natural birth right and carry on the cultural heritage bestowed upon me by learning over 250 recipes that my mother knows off by heart!...

I will be putting up these delicious recipes and will try and make it as easy as possible to follow. I hope you will join me in my culinary journey, Indian lady or otherwise... :)

Love, luck and enjoyment! xx


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